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I like to read. I like to write. I'm an amateur luthier, pianist, composer. I'm a believer in Jesus, my Lord and Savior who comes before all these things.

Who Has Time To Publish?

When I was young and dreaming dreams of my future, it never occurred to me that I could write for a living. I got compliments on my writing from an early age, at least the sixth grade, and I received … Continue reading

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Doctor Dogbody’s Leg

Doctor Dogbody’s Leg is one of the most entertaining books I’ve had the pleasure of reading. It is a series of short, seafaring adventures written by none other than James Norman Hall, one-half of the duo who authored the Bounty … Continue reading

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The Happy Hollisters

I did a lot of reading as a child, and I can recall many excellent books that were enjoyed along the way, but my hands-down childhood favorites were The Happy Hollisters series by Jerry West (Andrew E. Svenson). This series … Continue reading

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Inspiration – Write It Down!

If you’ve written fiction for any length of time you know how important it is to seize upon ideas when they come, and not put them off until later. When a plot point, a character, a title or a perfect … Continue reading

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Fireweed & Scarlet Sails

Note: Neither of the following books is action-packed. They are dramas – well written and good enough to keep me reading, which says something. They are literature, but not pretentious, and a good read for kids or adults who are … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi Favorites

First published by Doubleday in 1967, Stranger from the Depths was a delight to read as a boy in the 1970’s, conjuring an amphibious humanoid from a long dormant undersea culture, full of advanced technology and undersea adventure. The science … Continue reading

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Gun Repair

A while back I acquired a non-firing replica of the Colt 1848 “Baby Dragoon” pocket revolver. Although it is non-firing, it has a working trigger / hammer mechanism and rotating cylinder. Somehow I managed to break it so there was … Continue reading

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