Writer [rahy-ter] n, 1. A person who has written a particular text.

Writing is that wonderful endeavor in which one may express one’s thoughts, then edit / revise / rewrite / restate as many times as one wishes before anyone else reads a single word. If only the same could be done when conversing face to face!  

Writing has long been a waDonWP1y for me to articulate and clarify my thoughts on anything and everything. Countless pages of digital text have emerged from my keyboard over the years, and in the process I have learned what sorts of things are worthwhile (for me) to write about, and what (for me) ought to be avoided.

So here at Inky Wellsworth I write only to encourage or amuse, mystify or bedazzle – but no theology, politics, or controversies. Sometimes it’s just nice to reflect on simple stuff and enjoy the moment.   

Inky Wellsworth is the main character in my unfinished first novel who will one day rise to international superstardom.

Grey Popupon is, of course, the crème de la crème of vinegarish condiments (mustards), requested by Rolls Royce owners the world over.

Anomalous means “inconsistent with the common order, form, or rule,” i.e. abnormal.

And to be dazzled means… well, you’re feeling it right now. 🙂

My name is Don. Welcome!