Capture That Idea!

A while back I posted here on how important it is to record little snippets of inspiration before they slip away. This is something I have struggled with, as nifty ideas often seem to pop up at the most in-opportune times.

Recently I had an entire bit of micro-fiction come to me literally in the middle of the night, and to my surprise I actually threw off the covers, plodded into my “office” and jotted the whole thing down on a scrap of paper. The next morning I took it to work (where most of my writing and editing secretly occurs) and shaped it into its final form. Here’s a picture of my 2 a.m. scribble:

Scribble Note

This is loosely based on an actual event, although the establishment name was slightly different and that exact conversation never took place. You can read the final version here.

Do I always get up in the middle of the night? No. But I’m thinking that this capturing of sudden ideas is just a matter of habit and discipline, and so I am working to develop the habit. If I can already do 2 a.m. how much harder can it get? 🙂


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