Writers Who Don’t Love Writing

Some people love to write. If they could get a job just writing anything they would be in career heaven. I’m not like that. For me, to write is synonymous with thoughts and ideas that are personally important and meaningful.

If my actual day-job was to write advertising copy or technical manuals, I think it would seem as mundane as any of the half-dozen jobs I’ve held over the years. The act of writing, in and of itself, does not thrill me.

Does that make me a pariah in the writing community, having violated some unspoken (as far as I know) rule that “writers” must love the very act of writing no matter what the subject or reason?

Honestly, unless I’m getting paid to write wonderful fiction or insightful non-fiction, I’d rather not write as a job. Ideally, I’d prefer to earn a decent living in a position that allows me to think about writing – characters, storylines, plot twists – while accomplishing whatever task I’ve been assigned. One could say that I’m in that job right now as my current position at the library is not demanding, and it does allow a certain amount of time to think and write. Heck, I’m writing this at work right now!

But every job has its issues, and the grass is always greener, etc. So I’m always looking to improve my situation, but not necessarily to write. Yes, I hope to finish my half-done novel and smooth out some of these short-stories, but please don’t ask me to entice gullible folk into buying your doodad or write out directions for servicing a lawn tractor. Although I’d love to write more, I don’t simply love to write.

So fellow writers, what about you?


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Married. Christian. Writer. Library clerk.
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3 Responses to Writers Who Don’t Love Writing

  1. Amanda says:

    Ah, yes! My love for writing and need to support my family landed me in a copywriting career. I kind of despise it. I’m thankful for it, but the whole marketing thing. I get ya. It’s kind of icky. I’m fortunate in that I freelance for only reliable agencies who only work with reputable businesses. But still, I get burned out. I pray Ill find anothet way to support my family, and I appreciate where you are coming from! Dont sell out 🙂

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    • Don says:

      Wow, so you’re living the dream! 🙂 I don’t think I’d do well having to be creative “on demand” at work, since everything I write requires multiple rewrites and edits. I do enjoy words, sentences, and grammar, so I’ve often wondered if I’d like to just proofread or edit, or something similar. I hope you fend off the burnout, and you know the Lord opens the right door at the right time!

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      • Amanda says:

        Working in a library sounds awesome to me! If I ever need a proof reader though, I’ll look you up! Thanks for the encouraging words, and I’d like to read your work if you publish anything.

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