Who Has Time To Publish?

When I was young and dreaming dreams of my future, it never occurred to me that I could write for a living. I got compliments on my writing from an early age, at least the sixth grade, and I received high marks on nearly all the reports or essays or stories written as school assignments, right on up to college where I majored in Computer Science, and Business, and Criminal Justice, and at least two other disciplines before finally graduating.

But never English, or Creative Writing, or even Journalism. For whatever reason, those options never clicked when considering a possible career path. So I got my lovely degree in Criminal Justice and have spent the subsequent twenty years as a supervisor / manager / instructor, with little or no writing required.

Is it too late to do something about that? Too late to publish something grand? As I look at the writing / publishing landscape today I see an incredibly complex web of options and advice. The opportunities to be published or to self-publish are astounding when compared to days past, when one simply submitted to various hard-format magazines or book publishers and waited for a response.

Trouble is, the complexity can be intimidating. My eyes go crossed just reading all the advice about publishing through Amazon KDP or Smashwords or Barnes & Noble Press, and how to build one’s “platform” and track sales and participate in the many options to maximize visibility and sales, etc.

Authors don’t just write and get published anymore. They can’t get away with only a few public appearances and a minimal website presence. It seems they have to invest as much time and energy into marketing and analytics and technical know-how as they do writing, as if writing wasn’t challenging enough!

So I write, and I publish a fraction on my fiction blog, and the rest mostly sits on a flash drive. Maybe someday, on my day off, if I’m all caught up on the grocery shopping and the cleaning and the errands and the repairs and the _____ (fill in blank), I’ll have time to sit down and digest some of the latest how-to advice and form a plan to actually publish something, in some format, someday.

Until then, I’ll just keep writing when I can (read: when I’m at work, like now) and maybe set aside some vacation days to get caught up on whatever KDP stands for. And that’s my wistful rant. 🙂



  1. Don,

    Hi! 🙂 KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. I like you like to write and didn’t think of getting a degree in English/Lit or Journalism when I was in college. I was on another track not realizing or understanding what I do know now that I am in my 40’s. I just self-published my first book of poetry called Invisible Tattoo. It is available on Amazon which I used CreateSpace to get it on there and also I have the eBook version through KDP. I have some writer friends who helped me through the process of self-publishing who have done it before. One of them helped me with the formatting of my book and the design of my cover taken from two photographs that I shot. If you are interested in getting your writings out there then let me know and I could connect you with my writer friend who helped me. It is up to you whether you are at that stage of ready or not. Good luck in your writing endeavors and I am working on my second book now which will be a collection of poetry and short stories. Thank you for commenting on my article Social Media. I appreciate you chiming in your comments and bringing a discussion. I love a good discussion and I appreciated your insights on the article. Thank you again.

    Jennifer Saunders 🙂

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  2. Hi Jenifer, thanks for the info. I guess if I reach the point when I have something I think is “good enough” I’ll start delving further into KDP. It is kind of nice to have options besides submitting to traditional publishers. Right now I’m still just dabbling. 🙂


  3. Write on! One day something will spur you on to publish – but in the meantime keep publishing on your blog – it’s great practice!
    Thanks for following my blog – I hope it becomes a blessing for you.

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    1. Thank you for the encouragement! I am enjoying your blog… it is very encouraging and relevant to faithful living in Christ. Blessings!
      ~ Don (Inky)


  4. One piece of advice I’ve learned from many writers and authors that came long before us, is tht you should focus on just the one author platform and build your community from there – makes it much less exhausting! My platform is my blog and while I do have all the so called ‘required’ social media accounts, I don’t focus on them so much. Instead, I’ve connected my accounts to my blog so any posts are automatically shared on them. Saves me a lot of time and effort. Instagram is the only one that doesn’t tie in, which is a little annoying and means I neglect intagram a bit, but my blog is where my heart is, so I’m happy to spend most of my time here.

    In regards to publishing, I reckon keep it simple and learn as you go, rather than trying to figure it out all at once. I’m self-publishing a novel soon and I’m just learning as I go in more of an organic manner, rather than freaking myself out by trying to be an expert straight away. I’m sticking to KDP & Createspace. Even thinking about the many other publishing avenues hurts my head lol.

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