Inspiration – Write It Down!

If you’ve written fiction for any length of time you know how important it is to seize upon ideas when they come, and not put them off until later. When a plot point, a character, a title or a perfect ending pops into your head at 3:00 a.m. you’d better roll over, grab a notepad and write it down. Don’t expect it to linger til dawn; chances are it won’t. How many inspired ideas slip into the abyss every year simply because we were too busy at that moment to write or record them?

Early last week I left my desk at the library to run an errand upstairs. By the time I returned a few minutes later, an opening line had popped into my head, followed by two more sentences. Business was slow at that moment, and so within twenty minutes I had composed a little slice of flash fiction – only 280 words. But it was something – a complete little vignette that had not existed less than an hour prior.

That’s why it is so important to write or record ideas when they come, to somehow find a way of capturing them before they escape. You never know when that particular thought will lead to a poem, a short story or a novel, an international bestseller or a tiny bit of flash fiction published only on your blog.

You can read that tiny bit of flash at my fiction site – D.A. Donaldson.

Remember: Inspiration that gets pushed to the back burner is in danger of burning up!



  1. This is so much the truth! I can’t tell you how many times I have had a thought come into my head and I didn’t have a little flip notebook to write it down. I will have the thoughts at random times and yes you are right in the fact that you might not remember it five to ten minutes later so you really need that notebook or what I have started doing is using Notes on my cellphone when something comes to me. Let me tell you that the ideas that I got in my head thank goodness for Notes on my phone or I would be very sad if they just evaporated from my mind into thin air.

    Jennifer Saunders 🙂

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