Sci-Fi Favorites

SDFirst published by Doubleday in 1967, Stranger from the Depths was a delight to read as a boy in the 1970’s, conjuring an amphibious humanoid from a long dormant undersea culture, full of advanced technology and undersea adventure. The science may be a bit dated but the story was a page-turner. Unfortunately, my childhood copy slipped away at some point and it’s pretty hard to come by an unabridged hardcover edition anywhere, at a reasonable price. But I’m determined to read it again so my search goes on…





Splinter of the Mind’s Eye was, to my recollection, the first attempted sequel to Star Wars. Written by Alan Dean Foster and published in 1978, it took the Luke Skywalker storyline in a whole different direction from the later movie sequels. Let’s just say that Luke and Leia are definitely not brother and sister! But it’s an enjoyable story for any Star Wars fan, and as a first sequel that doesn’t fit into the later official chronologies, it makes a very special addition to any SW book collection.






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